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Brazil Climate Summit

New York 2023

September 13-14th

Conference Goals

Understand Brazil’s role as a solution hub for the world while generating sustainable economic development for its population.

Discuss how Brazil can attract more sustainable and green capital.

Discuss the Private Sector’s role in achieving the 2030 agenda in Brazil.

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All reports launched at the Brazil Climate Summit events are now available for download. The reports aim to urge Brazilian and international leaders to act, tackle challenges, and seize opportunities in the global push towards a net-zero economy.


Catch up on all the sessions from our past events.

Europe 2024



Opening speech

& Day agenda

Ricardo Neiva Tavares, Francisco

Veloso & Jorge Hargrave


Why Brazil?

Seizing Brazil's

Climate Potential

Izabella Teixeira, Laurence Tubiana

& Arthur Ramos

Building sustainable business in Brazil

Angela Pinhati, Charles Znaty

& Marcelo Paiva

New York 2023



Luciana Ribeiro

The global race

to net zero

Michael Stott, Bruce Usher,

Shari Friedman, Karen Fang

& Paula Caballero


Intro: Brazil's position

in the global race

Armínio Fraga

New York 2022



Luciana Ribeiro


The world in 2030:

A Path to a Decarbonized Global Economy

Costis Maglaras, Arthur Ramos,

Nancy Gillis & Michael Stott

Brazil's leading role

as a solution hub for Climate Change

Bruce Usher, Luciana Ribeiro,

Natalie Unterstell & Mark Wiseman

The BCS Startup Challenge is a global call for startups with solutions related to the climate agenda, presented by the Brazil Climate Summit and Numerik.

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